This month Apple released a new campaign that features Harry Styles to promote AirPods and Spatial Audio. The commercial, which includes the hit song “Music For a Sushi Restaurant,” depicts silhouettes of dancers as in traditional iPod advertisements. The company has also released the new TikTok filter, which lets you participate in your very own AirPods promotion with this silhouette-like effect.

Table of Contents
    1. Open the TikTok app
    2. Press on the (+) button to start the video
    3. Click ON the effects button
    4. Search the icon
    5. Find “AirPods silhouettes”
    6. Create the video of your choice and upload it to social media and share it with your followers.

    If you don’t own AirPods yet, but you’d like to make a video with this effect called silhouette, it’s okay. Its Apple’s TikTok filter can also bring a 3D model of third-generation AirPods into your ear. It also tracks your movements that way; you can move around and feel like you’re in the middle of an Apple commercial.

    Apple on TikTok

    This isn’t the first time that Apple has used TikTok to advertise its services and products. In 2021, Apple joined forces with the actress and singer Olivia Rodrigo, who released the music video “made with iPad.” Then, Apple and Olivia Rodrigo used TikTok to invite users to share and create masks like the ones used in the music video that Procreate made.

    In 2020 Apple utilised the TikTok account to announce the release of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini with entertaining videos made by TikTok influencers.

    As TikTok is becoming increasingly popular all over the world, isn’t it no wonder that Apple has taken advantage of the popularity of the social network to advertise its