With iOS 16, Apple introduced a complete overhaul of the iOS Lock Screen, making it more customizable than ever and able to display information-rich widgets. This article shows you how to add select widgets your iPhone’s Lock Screen in ‌‌iOS 16‌‌, which is currently still in beta.

The Lock Screen is the first thing that people see when they wake up their device. It’s also where you can check your notifications and access some of your favorite apps. You can customize this screen with multiple widgets that show information like weather or news headlines, but there are some limitations:

• You can only use four default widgets (weather, calendar, clock, and camera).

• You can’t add custom logos or images.

• The Lock Screen can’t be customized unless you jailbreak your device (more on this later).


With the new iOS 16, you’ll be able to customize your iPhone’s Lock Screen with unique fonts, colors, and even widgets.

The Lock Screen widgets are designed to give you a glanceable look at information without having to open your iPhone’s Home Screen or the Today view.

The widgets that you can add above the time on the Lock Screen include another time zone, a set alarm, the next calendar event, a weather condition, your activity rings and the next reminder.

You can insert a widget alongside the date above the digital clock on the Lock Screen.

Widgets that can be placed below the time are more info-rich and include device battery levels, Calendar, Clock, Fitness, Home, News, Reminders, Stocks and Weather.

ios16 lock screen widgets

The Widgets selector allows you to access widgets from the Lock Screen, which can be customized by tapping the frame above or below the time on your screen.

You can add different types of widgets to your Lock Screen:

  1. Weather: Find out what the weather is like in your area with a simple swipe left or right
  2. Calendar: Keep track of appointments and birthdays with this widget that displays appointments for the day
  3. Clock: Get an accurate time and date display with this widget that shows AM/PM, date, and day of week
  4. Toast: Show notifications such as text messages or emails when they come in with this widget that appears at the top of your screen.