Apple is planning to improve it’s display tech as early as 2024. According to a recent report by expert Ross Young, it’s “looking increasingly likely” that Apple will unveil an MacBook with the OLED display by 2024. Apple is also working with iPad Pro models with OLED displays, too.

OLED MacBook Air and iPad Pro

Young states that this OLED MacBook is expected to be a MacBook Air, but that could change when we get closer to 2024:

It’s becoming more and more probable that Apple will introduce the 13.3 OLED-based notebook by 2024, in alongside the 11 OLED model and 12.9 iPad Pro’s. It’s expected to be an MacBook Air, but could possibly be the MacBook, MacBook, MacBook Pro or an entirely new category.

The analyst also states in the report that OLED Apple iPad Pro, as well as the MacBook Air, will use display technology known by the term “tandem stack,” which will boost brightness, increase the life of the display, and cut down on the power consumption by about 30 per cent. The OLED displays that Apple uses Apple are also expected to feature variable refresh rates to increase efficiency.

As we’ve described previously, the latest mini-LED technology employed by Apple is a substitute for OLED. It’s superior in certain ways, and less effective in others. Mini-LED screens consist of thousands of tiny LEDs set up in multiple zones for dimming. Mini-LED displays can achieve greater in brightness that OLED displays, however local dimming is not the same as OLED. OLED displays also have issues with burn-in.

In the near in the near future Apple will also be investing heavily in the development of micro-LED technology. This will bring together the best features between OLED and mini-LED displays. Micro-LED displays are basically similar to OLED but with increased brightness and without burn-in.

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